Initiate by Maria Belén de Saez de Ibarra from the Art Museum in Bogota, I was commissioned to create an online monograph on my ecological and climate related video works from 2011 to 2021 in a bilingual English/Spanish edition.

Rather than a printed volume, we felt that a monograph of my work needs to strongly rely on the audiovisual experience, including video clips and audio recordings on my field experience. Over the years, I have widely published on these works. The texts in Becoming Earth are a stringent version of the research and ideas that went into these works and it includes an introduction on the Poetics and Politics of Worlding. Etienne Turpin edited the texts –I'll be forever grateful to him for tackling this daunting task–  and Traducciones Lambe & Nieto in Valencia translated them into Spanish. The project is designed by the El Altillo design collective in Bogota. 


The monograph BECOMING EARTH went online on March 1, 2021. 


Launch Event -- May 6th, 2021 at 13h00 Bogota / 19h00 Berlin


Speakers will be Rosi Braidotti, Kodwo Eschun, Emanuele Coccia, Helene Guenin, Maria Belen Saez and Ursula Biemann, intercut by video contributions by Eduardo Kohn, Elizabeth Povinelli, Marisol de la Cadena and Emmanuel Alloa.

We would like to use the opportunity of the Becoming Earth launch event to introduce the philosophies which have helped shape Ursula’s political-environmental art practice to a Colombian audience. In the current political climate of Colombia, it is eminently important at this moment to connect the current ecological crises with histories and legacies of coloniality, as well as to acknowledge Indigenous efforts for safeguarding the forest and connect these struggles with a generative, eco-centric paradigm for international action. This is why we are inviting a group of distinguished thinkers who can provide a theoretical context for this critical moment and help develop the conceptual necessary tools to continue thinking and practicing in creative, encouraging, and emancipatory ways. 

The launch event is hosted by the Art Museum at UNAL in Bogota and is designed and moderated by Etienne Turpin.