The Maghreb Connection | 2006

Movements of Life Across North Africa

THE MAGHREB CONNECTION is an art and research project on the politics of mobility and containment in the Maghreb. Since the fortification of the European outer rim and the worldwide measures taken against terrorism, the relations between Muslim North Africa and Europe have undergone major transformations. Sub-Saharan transit migration is now the dominant and undoubtedly the most mediated form of movement in the region; it has turned the Maghreb into a transit zone. The Maghreb Connection tracks the current gates, routes and modes of trans-Saharan migration and looks at the elaborate systems of information and social organization that have grown up around it. In this research the art projects examine the movement of people not as an isolated phenomenon but in relation to the flow of resources, information, images and capital in the Mediterranean region. They look at the architectures and networks that give expression to transnational flows. Rather than just deconstructing repressive European border regimes, the primary aim of the project is to develop a rich discursive and visual representation for the many forms of migratory self-determination in the course of the vulnerable and precarious movements of life.

Ursula Biemann/Brian Holmes Introduction, Ali Bensaâd The Militarization of Migration Frontiers in the Mediterranean, Ursula Biemann Agadez Chronicles, Mehdi Alioua Silence! People Are Dying on the Southern Borders of Europe, Charles Heller Crossroad at the Edge of Worlds, Armin Linke photographs from Western Sahara and Niger, Keller Easterling Non-Statecraft, Yto Barrada A Life Full of Holes, Observatorio Technologico del Estrecho Madiaq Territory, Doa Aly Chinese Sweet, Chinese Pretty, Hala Elkoussy Rome to Rome, Raphael Cuomo and Maria Iorio Sudeuropa Welcome – Live, Florian Schneider interviewed by Camille Poncet/Mouhamed Caloubay Massassi esba Geneva: Borderlands: migration management and tactical maneuvers, Michel Agier The Chaos and the Camps – Fragments of a Humanitarian Government, and inserts by Brigit Koch, Anuschka Esper, Martinka Kremeckova and Alexandra Stock.

The book is bilingual English/Arabic


320 pages, illustrated, color, English/Arabic
Published with actar, Barcelona 2006

ISBN 84-96540-56-1

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