Tipografias Politicas | 2007

Political Typographies. Ensayos visuales en los margenes de Europa

The bilingual publication brings together various investigations into the situations of forced conflict at the meeting points of three great world regions – the recently expanded Europe, the Commonwealth of Inependent States and the zone known as the Arabic-Islmaic World; into the social, political and intimate geographies that extend from the Balkans to Turkey, the Caucasus and Mongolia; and into the creation of transit enclaves, and of often invisible aerial or subterranean infrastructures – satellites, oil pipelines – that cause migrations and alter spaces and societies in the wake.

Political Typographies. Visual Essays on the Margins of Europe

Foreword Nuria Enguita Mayo
Transito forzoso | Forced Transit Ursula Biemann e Imre Szemen
Timescapes/B-Zone | Cronopaisajes / Zona B) Angela Melitopoulos y Maurizio Lazzarato
Postwar Footprints | Huellas de posguerra Lisa Parks
Negativos de Europa | Negatives of Europe Carles Guerra
Voces impresas | Printed Voices Jean-Pierre Rehm
El desgarro de la diaspora en las imagenes de la autonomia de la migracion | The Diasporic Split in Images of Autonomous Migrancy Vassilis Tsianos y Angela Melitopoulos

Esta publicacion acompaño la exposicion Zona B: en los margenes de Europa, comisariada por Nuria Enguita Mayo y Carles Guerra, que tuvo lugar en la Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona (10 de marzo – 1 de mayo de 2007


240 pages, illustrated, color, English/Spanish
complete biography and bibliography

Published by Antoni Tapies Foundation

ISBN 978 84 88786 27 2